Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hello one and all, and my apologies for my absence of late.
 Backing up a bit, I read 'Doctor Sleep' as soon as it was released, as I am sure most of you did. I do not really want to review it - there are plenty of reviews around, and your best option is just to read it. I will say, though, that I am glad S.K. gave us some closure regarding 'The Shining', letting us know what happened after the book ended, and how all of the characters got on.
 I enjoyed 'Doctor Sleep', and thought that Danny had pathos, despite being a terribly flawed person (mind you, we know what happened in 'The Shining' and are fairly likely to forgive him his adult quirks...). S.K. got past the issue of Danny effectively being a representation of an angel in the first book, to a full, troubled, human in this one.
 The 'baddies' were fun and creepy too - next time you are holidaying in the States (or, if you live there, just driving about), you will take a lot more notice of all the R.V.s on the road...
 Rumour has it this will be made into a movie, there's lots of scope for special effects AND good acting, I think it will translate well.

Looking forwards, then, Mr. King has two more books coming out this year. On 3rd June 2014 (these are UK release dates, sorry if they differ where you are!) we have 'Mr. Mercedes', which is described as a 'suspense thriller'. I will be interested to see Stephen tackle this genre, and no doubt he will manage to put his signature touches in there somewhere.
 You can pre-order or read more here

On 11th November , 'Revival' is released. This is going to be a classic King horror, and, given that is features a preacher and a rock musician, sounds like it will be true King Americana too - two for the price of one! You can pre-order it here but you will need to google it to get the blurb.

So, we have much to look forward to this year, and I will try to post regularly once more...

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